Exploring yoga


After having thought about creating my own blog for a long time, I’ve finally taken the step to do so. My main reason is to create a platform with useful content just for me, but why not share the fruits of your work? So the focus of this blog will be my discoveries in yoga and the path I will be walking, which hopefully can be an inspiration for others to start doing yoga too, or learn with me as I am going.

So what is yoga for me? I’ve started reading many books about yoga and its impact in the past few years and now even more as I am preparing for my yoga teacher training. The more I read the words of Patanjali, Deshikachar, Iyengar and so forth, the more I realise that yoga is something personal. Yes, yoga for me is also a way to connect my mind, body and soul, however explaining it this way is still too conceptual for me at this point. When it comes to practicing it, I believe I am in the phase where I am able to make a strong connection with my body, while stilling my mind. This is as simple as being so absorbed with my movements while posing, that there is no space in my mind left to wander. Or as simple as realising the differences in my body between left and right, bottom and top, and how connections are made between parts of my body.

When I started doing yoga, I always wanted to be better than the previous time. Push myself a little further to notice progress and to become better than others in class. But soon I learned that yoga is not about being better than others, or getting better everyday, it is about making the connection with yourself. This means that some days your body is more stiff, tired, energized, flexible or willing to do your practice. The willingness is where your mind plays the biggest role. There are days when my mind is so occupied I can’t focus, my head pounds and the poses seem to be too much as it is. Other days I come to the mat and I feel strong and at ease. I try not to like one day better than the other, I try to see it as opportunities to learn new things about my state of being. So my mindset, when I come to my mat today, is that I am a beginner. Every day is a new day, every day there are new things to learn. There are days to deepen the insights in my poses, there are days to deepen the insights in my mind and there are days where I consolidate what I believe to have learned so far.

So for me yoga is about exploring. Exploring yourself from within, with all the stillness and struggles you come across. Exploring all the lessons that I can learn about who I am, how I connect with my surroundings and what I can be for others.

In the coming weeks I will explore various subject about yoga. Yoga as we know it physically, yoga as therapy, yoga as a spiritual guide and yoga as a lifestyle.

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