Last thoughts…


King Pigeon Pose. 1st of March in Rio de Janeiro

I thought it would be fun to just write something about my expectations and dreams before I start my yoga teacher training. This way I can see afterwards what ideas have changed, what turned out to be right and what turned out to be completely different.

I am now sitting in my hotel in Florianopolis, waiting for my taxi to come and pick me up to meet my fellow yogi’s. Even though I know they will most likely all be very cool, interesting and fun people, I can’t help being nervous about it. I am confident to say that I truly am as sociable person, however, meeting a group for the first time always makes me a little shy. Can you trust them? Are they people I can be friends with? Will we have fun times? I guess I should let these thoughts go and just let it be. I will be absolutely fine!

When it comes to the course itself. I am most looking forward to improving my own yoga skills, get a deeper knowledge of how the postures work for me. What does my body tell me, what can I learn from it? I have been doing a lot of preparation in the last year, so I know physically I am ready for it. But an interesting observation lately is, that I still don’t know my body that well. Before I started doing yoga, I was completely disconnected. I had no boundries, abused my body and didn’t even notice it. I would just go on for hours and hours, not giving my body the rest it needed, until I would literally collapse and be physically too tired to do anything for weeks. I have come a long way since then, but I am still not there. My body still is telling me loads of things, giving me signals, which I can’t read. I sometimes still don’t have a clue what it is telling me. So that will be my main focus, how can I use yoga even more to learn and read my body? How can I feel what is going on inside my body?

The second most important thing will be anatomy. I believe yoga can be used as a therapy, it can help people to release stress, get freed from pains and get freed from the crazy busy minds that we have nowadays. In order to help people and help myself, a thorough knowledge of the human body is necessary. How does your body function and how can yoga and it’s posture help you with that? So I will try to put in an extra effort to really understand all the term, names, muscles, bones, and any other thing that I have to know and understand, in order to pursue my dreams of becoming a yoga teacher therapist.

Last but not least, I have been looking forward to this experience, this road, since I signed up for this course almost 1 year ago. So let’s get it started! Let’s take every minute and every second to learn what ever I can.

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