Practice, discipline and repetition


I believe these three words are the recipe for any success. This also holds true for yoga. During a teacher training you live by these 3 principles. You have a tight schedule because there are only 200 hours to transmit the knowledge you need to be teaching on your own. After the course discipline is the keyword to make a difference: get up early to do your own practice, keep on studying the scriptures, postures and effects it has on you. Practice helps to feel and experience the yoga postures in your own body, which is your main source for teaching yoga to others. You repeat over and over again: mantras, anatomy, 8 limbs of yoga, breathing and of course the asanas. Repetition creates a patterns in your mind and body, which allows you to remember and become better and deepen each time you do it.

These three words have always sounded scary to me, it means work – hard work! Something I try to avoid when I am not sure what the work is leading towards. But now, after I have taken my first steps into teaching yoga, I realise that they are my friends and my mantra. Through practice, discipline and repetition I can built my own practice and grow as a teacher and human being. It will allow me to learn while I am doing, it will help me to keep on studying and growing as a person and it will guide in me into my next steps in life. And best of all, I am able to teach others what these three words mean and can do in their lives!


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