Office yoga in 5 minutes

Office Yoga Complete

To be able to do yoga, you don’t necessarily need a mat or a calm and quiet room. Calming down your mind in a stressful situation is very important, no matter what the conditions are or the place you are in. The picture shows a sequence of yoga postures that you can do in your office chair. It will take about 5 to 7 minutes, depending on how long you hold the poses. A perfect quick escape from a hectic moment at work! And believe me, taking these 5 minutes to calm your mind, will save you time later on because you have a clear mind and be stress-free.

So what are the basics you should know when doing the postures on the chair:

  • Follow the sequence as reading a book. Go from left to right and then a row down.
  • Make sure to work on both sides of your body. If you have twisted to your right, or took up your right leg, then do the same for the left.
  • Sit on the front end of your seat, so your back is not touching the back of the chair. By doing so you force your spine to stay active and upright.
  • Have both your feet flat on the ground and knees 90 degrees over your ankles.
  • With the first and the last photo you take 3 deep breaths in to your belly and all the way out (through the nose). You can take more breaths depending on your need and time.
  • Let your breath initiate a movement. So when you inhale make a movement upwards. When you exhale make a movement downward or twist.
  • If you feel uncomfortable standing up behind your chair, then skip these 3 poses and continue with the seated ones as shown in the sequence.

But most importantly, enjoy, breathe and clear your mind!

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