Vinyasa Yoga in 10 minutes – instruction video

We often think that we have to take at least half an hour or more to do our exercises. So we skip moving our body due to time limits.But when you think about it, in the end moving your body for just 10 minutes is a lot better than not at all.

If you create a morning, evening, or lunch routine of 10 minutes yoga, you will feel tremendous differences in your body. All you need is space for a math. So you can do it at home, in the park, in the office, by yourself or with family & friends.

10 minutes of yoga a day will help you to:

  • Be energized (with the breathing you have a better oxygen flow in your body)
  • Reduce stress & anxiety and have a better focus
  • Have a clear mind and calm down your thoughts
  • Increase body flexibility, while strengthening at the same time
  • Reduce back problems
  • Have better body & breathing awareness throughout the day.

And last but not least, it just makes you feel good. Try it! For one week or maybe even a month. You will be surprised about the effects!


3 thoughts on “Vinyasa Yoga in 10 minutes – instruction video

  1. Hi Martine
    A great video to slowly start yoga again. I’ve just had a first practice with your video after my skiing accident. Feels great!

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