Yoga on your wedding day

Yoga on your wedding day

A week and a half ago I made a big step in my personal journey; I got married. Many people tell you beforehand, it is supposed to be the best day of your life and it goes by really fast. Well that turned out to be true! I couldn’t have wished for a more perfect and amazing love-filled day, and afterwards I couldn’t believe how quickly it passed by.

On the day itself I woke up extremely early, an hour and a half before the alarm was supposed to go off. I tossed and turned, thinking I should stay in bed, but then quickly realized that the nerves and excitement that were waking me up, were most definitely not going away. So I looked over at my soon to be husband and also his eyes were wide open; “Morning”, he said, “can you also not sleep anymore”. I responded, “No, too much excitement, want to do some yoga?” And so we did.

On the day itself I made a rather big and great decision about life, but this small decision to do yoga was amongst the best of that day. We went outside and started practicing. Instead of thinking of a routine I was letting my body tell me what it needed. Which was not my standard fast-paced and more hardcore sequence, but a gentle one: a sequence with lots of twisting, warriors, but all in a slow pace. The slow pace helped me to calm down, get more control over the nerves, but most importantly it gave me more confidence to face the day however it would come to me.

A wedding day is one where everything is about you as a couple, so all guests want your attention and many small decisions have to be made, and most definitely at some point in the day things will go differently than you had planned. Doing yoga in the morning truly helped me to face this day in a calm matter (as far as that is possible), gave me a clear mind to experience all that comes to you at the day and got me focused on what was most important: enjoy and be present, whatever happens.

So lesson learned: whenever you have an important day ahead. However much work you have left in front of you, or how ever many nerves or excitements are running through your body: practice yoga!

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