Does goodbye exist?

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This week is all about goodbyes to me. I am leaving Sao Paulo after having lived here for 2 years. Two years full with fun, laughter, tears, though lessons, crazy trips, sun-filled beaches, new friends, old friends and family moments. It may not have had the experience I expected beforehand, but hey, life never goes as you expected it to go. They were 2 years that defined me as a person; it brought me on my current path.

People that know me even a little bit know that saying goodbye is something I find extremely difficult. As a little girl I would cry when my parents dropped me with my grandparents when they left for a weekend and I would cry again when they picked me up, because I had to leave my grandparents. I never really got much better at this process, until Brasil.

Despite this difficulty, I did decide to live a life where saying goodbyes is a constant, which gave me new and interesting insights.

  1. Goodbye is only temporarily and therefore it does not exist. There is a lovely quote from Peter Pan about this: “Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting”.
    As long as I can remember, it will not be a goodbye, because the person or situation lives on in my mind. And one day, when it was meant to be, we will meet again.
  1. Goodbye never comes in the right moment. There is never enough time to say your goodbye, there is always a situation that can persuade you to stay, there is always somebody sad and left behind, there is always need for one more…: one more drink, one more conversation, one more hug, one more joke, one more kiss, one more minute.
    If you let yourself be taken by the one more, you will never find the guts to pick up your stuff and leave, you will never walk towards a new adventure, new discoveries, new life, new love.
  1. “If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello” (Paulo Coelho). Every goodbye closes one door, but creates space to open another door. It creates space for new people, new experiences and new energy to enter your life. When I left my yoga teacher in Holland, I was in tears and he told me: People and things come and go, which keeps it in a movement, and it is that movement we need to keep our blood flowing which creates changes and let people really live.

We say goodbye in many different forms, sometimes we say goodbye to people, sometimes to things, situations, emotions and sometimes to all of them together. Whatever you say goodbye too, make sure you find the good in “goodbye”. Take from it what you need; leave behind what you don’t need anymore. Make sure you can start fresh and are open for the new ‘hello’.

So let the week of goodbyes start, will I cry, yes most definitely, but I also have faith that my new Hello is going to the be the next step on my path. As Dr. Seuss already talked about this wisely: Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened”

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