On this page you can read what other have written about my classes. Some of my students have reviewed me via yogatrails, most of those reviews you can find on this page too, but if you want to check it out for yourself use this link.

“Martine Hamers loves outdoors and nature, otherwise we wouldn’t have our classes in the most iconic public park in the heart of the “concrete jungle” (aka Sao Paulo). Her classes were a refreshing opportunity to meditate on one’s body by using breath and mindfulness meditation at the beginning of the classes. I loved the unexpectedness of her routine, as she would vary between gentle stretches and powerful poses.

always payed attention to the students but also she knew when to let us fail and try again to learn by ourselves. I really appreciated that ,as she wasn’t too concerned with the symmetry of the pose but rather with letting us have our own experience. I really recommend classes with her if you are looking for meditation, ashtanga and some power yoga!”
Sarah Silva – January 2015

Martine is a great yoga practitioner, but moreover Martine is a great yoga teacher.
She is there for her students, looking at their needs and monitoring their developments. Besides this she is stimulating further development by challenging students to their maximum performance. She is always very well prepared and the themes she chooses are great food for thought.

Personally I was most touched by a private lesson she prepared for me to help me recover from a severe flu and I am thankful for the strength I gained during the past months.

I hope to find another great teacher here in Brazil; will be a challenge though!
Jacqueline Hazewinkel (practicing yoga since 2010)

“Fantastic yoga experience!”

I followed private and group lessons with Martine for about 8 months. I never had done yoga before but really loved it from my first class I had with Martine. She explains very well why different movements are good for your body/mind and pays a lot of attention on how you practise your poses. She begins and ends her classes with meditation to calm down, focus and get more to your inner self. I also really liked the fact that she (or yourself) sets a different intention for every class. When I left São Paulo she helped me to keep practising yoga on myself so I’m verry happy that I can continue what I’ve learned from her… Fantastic teacher!
Maaike de Schouwer

“Great Teacher!”

My boyfriend and I were total beginners and started yoga with Martine at the beginning of this year. I honestly couldn’t have found a more wonderful Yoga teacher – she’s perfect for all levels. She’s patient, passionate and always wants to deliver the best for you. She customized all of our classes so it met our needs with long distance running and weight training. We both feel like different people now and neither one of us has anymore problems with our knees or back! Thank you Martine! Keep doing what you do because you are really great at it 🙂
Tessa van den Hout

I met Martine at the end of 2013 and I was doing around weekly class with her. I really enjoyed her way and approach of yoga practice. She is a very disciplined person with schedules (never showed up late) and classroom organization, paying close attention to student behavior to ensure they are doing the practice properly and focused. All occurs in a very warm and welcoming ambiance, in a seamless and natural pace, respecting the body and the internal momentum of each person.
Sandro Faria


Martine was heaven sent. Not only did she bring a sense of calm to my life, but she introduced me to yoga related benefits that I never knew existed. She goes above and beyond when it comes to her students. She knows how to focus the practice in areas where you need special attention. For me, it was my stress and stomach issues, and I found that her customized yoga classes really helped me. She is also very attentive to proper form. She has studied extensively, and knows what is correct vs. incorrect. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a private instructor. I am very sad to see her leaving Sao Paulo, because I know it will be very hard to find another Martine.
Whitney Boughton Souza Queiroz

“Wonderful yoga teacher”

Martine is such a great, complete teacher. Her classes are always interesting, she combines the phisical aspects of the poses to their spiritual meanings. We really can notice that she does everything very consciously and with love. I am very grateful to her.
Cristiane David

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